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Set up in 2012, our fish farm was born out of love for nature and desire to provide healthy and safe food.

We are committed towards sustainable aquaculture, therefore our fish lives in a clean environment, using innovative equipment produced according to the latest technologies in the field.

In order to ensure a sustainable aquaculture, our farms were located at 20 km and 30 km away from the city of Râmnicu Vâlcea, far from any source of pollution and disturbance of growth.

The sturgeon farm is located in Mihăesti locality, Vâlcea County, and the farm where we grow and reproduce pike, trout and carp is located in Nicolae Bălcescu locality, Vâlcea County, this being the first aquaculture unit set up.

The technological growth system is of recirculating type, and in order to obtain necessary parameters for water and to improve fish growing conditions, we use a water ozone system.

We comply with all biosecurity procedures and adopt a non-medical management. Also, fish is closely monitored by special devices underwater to ensure that all vital parameters are in optimal limits.

We are focused on every stage of evolution, starting from the selective reproduction of our fish species, up to feedback from our customers.

“Quality and health at the same time”